Introducing the FiberTower™ Desktop

The FiberTower Desktop features:

The FiberTower Desktop marking and engraving system has a very small footprint and compact height. The light, compact Desktop can be carried by one person and is fully plug-and-play. Simply plug the compact system into any 110VAC outlet and you are in business producing high quality marks on production parts.

  • Small size; designed for tight workspace conditions
  • Industrial-grade extruded frames with rack mount components, very small footprint
  • Scissor Jack (Manual Z-axis Adjustment)
  • Lightweight design for use in virtually any enviornment (home, office, factory, shop, etc.)
  • Equipped with a Q-Switched fiber laser (0.5mJ @ 10kHz, 0.5mJ @ 20kHz available)
  • 50,000 MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)

Fiber Laser Facts

  • Superior reliability and beam quality
  • Greater output powers
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Lower maintenance
  • Smaller footprint and size

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