When is the right time to upgrade your Fiber laser marking and engraving system?

Fonon Corporation’s Industrial-grade marking and engraving systems are designed to be maintenance free with a MTBF of 50,000 hours, equating to two decades of trouble-free operation based on typical usage.  After 4-5 years, however, the capital equipment depreciation has accounted for the investment, the warranty has expired and odds of an unplanned service requirement increases with each passing year.

Generally, the time to purchase a new system is when a manufacturer expands their production lines.  However, if forecasted revenue growth suggests your marking and engraving system is approaching capacity, Fonon Corporation recommends upgrading your fiber laser from 20W to 50W to materially reduce processing time and increase production throughput.

Upgrading your existing fiber laser marking system makes good business sense for a number of reasons:

▪ Significant capacity increased with upgrade to 50W Fiber laser
▪ New 2-year warranty with new i-series hardware
▪ Free software upgrade for compatibility with current operating system
▪ Includes system health diagnosis, Final QC and overall system clean-up
▪ Ease of availability of operational versus capital equipment funding

Taking the proactive measure to upgrade and renew an older laser marking system is a smart, cost-effective way to increase production capacity while extending the life of your current system.  Contact your Fonon representative now to explore the benefits of upgrading.

For more details, contact:

Steve Russ:  sruss@fonon.us  844-445-2737 x 1200
Genti Zeqo  gzeqo@fonon.us 844-445-2737 x 1003

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