3D METAL PRINTING | Early Adopters Have Mixed Results

Early Adopters Have Mixed Results

The first wave of earlier adopters have embraced 3D Metal Printers with mixed results. For fast-track prototype applications or non-challenging technical requirements, standard 3D Metal Printers are meeting expectations. However, when the application calls for pushing the technical envelope for high-precision molds, next-generation medical implants, future missions to Mars or battlefield ready applications, today’s 3D Metal Printers are yielding mixed results.

The areas of concern include porosity, surface finish, unwelcomed contaminants and variations from unit-to-unit via cross-sectional analysis. End users want to tool their application from any 3D Metal Printer located anywhere geographically expecting the same repeatable end result. It’s just not happening…..yet!

Fonon Additive Manufacturing Technologies encompass 3D FUSION TECHNOLOGY or 3D Laser Metal Sintering (Commonly known as 3D Metal Printing or Selective Melting) Technologies. The technology creates products layer by layer – after a layer’s particles are sintered together the next layer is added and the process is repeated thousands of times. It enables geometries not previously possible to be manufactured. Full-form parts are made directly from computer-aided design (CAD) data for a variety of industrial, medical, military, commercial and other applications.

The primary problem is that today’s 3D Metal Printing manufacturers require the end user to adjust their unique application towards a “standard” model with a one size fits all applications mentality. This is a great business model for the 3D Metal Printer manufacturer and an early adopter dilemma for the end users. Fonon strongly believes the moment has finally arrived for you to obtain Cutting Edge, High Quality Industry leading 3D Metal printing equipment specially designed for an instrinsic and specific cluster of products which all share the common requirement. Your specific requirement acknowledged and delivered in equipment made wholly by Fonon for your specific application.

Fonon Technologies is uniquely qualified and is a diversified laser based system solutions company providing comprehensive design, manufacturing, and technology products and services to aerospace, medical, defense, automotive, government, and fortune 500 customers worldwide for over a quarter century. FTI is the innovative leader in manufacturing Fiber
and CO2 Laser Material Processing Equipment for Marking, Cutting, Engraving and 3D Metal Printing applications.


PUSH THE ENVELOPE | FONON TECHNOLOGIES“3D Additive Manufacturing is the creation or fabrication of almost any part, component or product mold that a business or manufacturer could require, all products are printed (sintered) onsite negating the need to have to obtain a third party to forge your component. The limits are now limitless…Costing for Fabrication drastically reduced. ”

With 40 years of laser based system manufacturing experience, Fonon Technologies is pushing the envelope in 3D Metal Printer performance. Say Goodbye to mixed results! Let Fonon Technologies design your next industrial grade 3D Metal Printer around the unique requirements of your application.


Fonon Technologies, one of the leaders in Laser Material Processing (laser marking, 3D Engraving, Cutting and Scribing) entered into the Additive Manufacturing sector with its advanced 3D Metal Printing Technology. Fonon’s Fusion™ High Precision 3D Additive Manufacturing Equipment is now available to consumers.


Product Prototypes

Additive Manufacturing significantly reduces the traditional trial-and-error process – so new products can enter the market more quickly

Eliminate Traditional Constraints

A limitation of subtractive manufacturing is that part designs are often comprised due to the constraints of the subtractive process. 3D Printing enables the design and materialization of objects by eliminating traditional manufacturing constraints


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