Fonon Corporation’s 3D FUSION™ Metal Printing Technology Incorporates Laser Beam Wave Shaping and Temperature Processing Profiles Optimized For Each Metal NANO-Powder

Fonon’s Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) systems provide end-users with next-generation tools to control the uniform melting of metal powder during high-temperature laser processing.

June 2, 2015 8:00 Eastern Daylight Time

LAKE MARY, Fla-(Business Wire)-Fonon Corporation’s (OTCQB:MBMI)(“Fonon”) 3D metal additive manufacturing systems are designed around the end-user’s application optimized for a specific metal NANO-powder. Each 3D FUSION™ system incorporates application specific laser beam shaping techniques and temperature processing profiles to address the unique density, melting point and thermal expansion properties of the end-user’s desired metal material.  With new processing innovations, end-users reduce the risk of undesirable anomalies like micro-fractures or inconsistent variations from unit-to-unit.  Coupled with Fonon’s proprietary FiberFUSE™ additive manufacturing laser, end-users have new tools to control density and beam-spot size with the industry’s fastest through-put rate with laser wattages up to 2KW.

 Metal Density: (kg/m3) Melting Point: (°C) Coefficient of Expansion:
10-6 m/m/oK
Aluminum 2712 660 22.2
Titanium 4500 1670 8.6
Stainless Steel 7740 1510 17.3
Inconel 8497 1408 12.6
Nickel 8908 1453 13.0

NANO-powder metals have different densities, melting points and thermal expansion rates.  The technical specification and quality requirements of each industry application is different.  Each of Fonon’s 3D FUSION™ metal printing systems are optimized for the desired metal type designed around the unique requirements of each end-user’s application from a bottom’s up approach matching the dynamics of the application to the best-fit 3D printing technique.  Fonon’s 3D FUSION™ systems with laser beam shaping and temperature processing profiles coupled with the industry’s first FiberFUSE™ additive manufacturing laser provide pioneering technology advancements ensuring the consistent, uniform melting of the metal NANO-powder while improving long-term product reliability.

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Fonon Corporation is the recognized leader of industrial-grade 3D Additive and Subtractive laser-based material processing systems.  Our systems are used world-wide in the semiconductor, flat panel display, automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, electronic and medical industries with a portfolio of intellectual property, knowhow & inventions placing our company in the unique position to offer both standard 3D material processing systems or our specialty of tooling 3D laser-based transforming systems designed around the unique applications of our customers.

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