Laser Marking

The LaserTower™ Series
Laser Marking and Laser Engraving

The LaserTower™ Series are the most versatile industrial-grade 3D laser marking and laser engraving material processing systems in the industry.  The LaserTower family is designed to perform under high-vibration, shock and dust conditions with a MTBF rating of 50,000 hours / 100,000 typical on diodes.  Each LaserTower™ system is optimized for our customers based on their unique material processing application and timing requirements.


All Direct Parts Markings (DPM) are permanent, legible and non-removable across the largest range of materials with special attention to highly-reflective metal applications.


The LaserTowerTM series produce a wide variety of Permanent, Legible, Non-Removable Marks on a wide variety of materials, applications and types of marks.

LaserTower Professional

The LaserTower™ Professional 3D Laser Marking and
Laser Engraving System is an industrial-grade
cutting-edge material processing system that operates
in a small 2ft by 2ft space saving footprint.

  LaserTower Professional CM

The LaserTower™ Professional CM 3D Laser Marking
and Laser Engraving System is an industrial-grade
next-generation material processing system supporting
both circumferential marking (CM) and flat marking applications

LaserTower Professional RT

The LaserTower™ Professional Round-Table (RT) 3D Laser
Markingand Laser Engraving Systems is an industrial-grade
material processing system engineered to operate in a continuous
production environment.

LaserTower Professional DUO

The LaserTower™ Professional DUO 3D Laser Marking and Laser
Engraving System is an industrial-grade state-of-the-art material
processing system that combines the benefits of both a Fiber laser
and CO² Laser to process any material.

LaserTower Professional MegaCenter

The LaserTower™ Professional MegaCenter™ 3D Laser Marking
and Laser Engraving System is an industrial-grade high-volume manufacturingsystem utilizing the company’s proprietary
Zero-Friction Direct Drive Motion System.

LaserTower Compact

The LaserTower™ Compact 3D Laser Marking and Laser Engraving
System is an agile industrial-grade material processing system that
operates as a stand-alone system or easily integrates into a crowded
I/O production line environment.

LaserTower Desktop

The LaserTower™ DeskTop 3D Laser Marking and Laser
Engraving System is an economical industrial-grade material
processing system designed for low-profile flat marking
applications and small size for tight workspace conditions.


The LaserTower™ Professional RT
The FLM XP Plus is a free-standing system that can be equipped with a Rotary indexer for circumferential marking or a rotary dial table for higher throughput of direct part marking. View Product Video

The LaserTower™ Desktop
The FLM Desktop is the perfect entry level system for low production requiring laser marking or engraving. The FLM Desktop is lightweight, affordable and set up is as easy as plugging the system into a 110VAC outlet. View Product Video

The LaserTower™ Professional MegaCenter™
The FLM MegaCenter is our largest standard fiber laser marking system. This system has an oversized enclosure equipped with programmable direct drive X-Y-Z linear motors.

The LaserTower™ Compact
The FLM Compact is a table top system with a small footprint and the ideal turnkey marking solution. View Product Video

LaserTower™ Professional
The FLM XP is a free-standing system that is ideal for manufacturing floors and only occupies 2’x2’ sq ft. It is a perfect system for larger direct part marking applications. View Product Video

The MarkStar Hand-Held Portable Series
The FLM Handheld fiber laser system is one of Laser Photonics' most unique systems. The FLM Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System is the industry’s first 12/24 volt handheld fiber laser system.

Fiber Marking Series Options
The FLM options offer additional capabilities and are highly competitive within the laser marking industry.