Fiber Marking Series Options


Additional F-Theta Lens used for increasing or decreasing mark field size to accommodate single or multiple part marking applications. -100mm FL -254mm FL -330mm FL -420mm FL

Rotary Indexer

A 3-jaw rotary indexer can be integrated in most of the FLM series for larger circumferential parts.

Vision System

The vision system offers fiducial recognition or simple visual alignment.

Rotary Table

The Rotary Table can hold multiple parts for marking.  This feature allows simultaneous loading and lasing capabilities. This allows for loading and unloading of parts while simultaneously marking parts.

Light Bars

The Light Bars provide a failsafe protection while operating the system with automatic doors.

Marking Quality Verification

Systems can be equipped with barcode scanners to verify the quality of the mark or 2 D matrix.


Completely integrated camera with external second monitor system allows remote viewing during marking process.

Lab Jack

The lab jack can be used to manually adjust the vertical position of marking field. This option enables precise manual control over different part sizes.