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Fonon Technologies| Specialists in Laser Cutting, Laser Marking, Laser engraving and 3D Metal Printing Systems and Machines

Fonon is a laser based system R&D and manufacturing company with a history of creating stable system processes around new disruptive technologies.

The company’s CTO and key R&D scientist have been with the company since 1988. The company has formed a partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories rolling their family of next-generation metal printing system patents into the company’s continuously growing portfolio of patents, licenses and proprietary IP collectively called “Bulk-To-Shape Disruptive Technologies” accelerating the next generation of 3D metal powder bed systems. The company business strategy aligns with our customer’s technology roadmap offering “Specialized Metal Powder Bed Systems” designed around the part specification as well as “High Capacity Metal Powder Systems” for manufacturing purposes supporting a new generation of metal print application sizes out to 6ft x 13ft. For decades the company has manufactured industrial grade, maintenance-free laser marking and laser cutting systems as well as specialized systems including its patented glass cutting technology (ZWLCT), quartz welding technology (QGLWT) and the industry’s only portable, hand-held marking system (MarkStarPRO) providing system solutions that previously did not exist.
With an established, diversified customer base including aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, semiconductor, industrial, photonics and energy companies worldwide, the company continues to invest and expand its assets to increase shareholder value. Our most prominent customers