Fonon at Cutting-Edge of 3D Military Printing

Fonon at Cutting-Edge of 3D Military Printing 
Live-Combat Scenarios Could See a Decisive Advantage with 3D Printing

Lake Mary, FL – Fonon Technologies, the industry leader in developing high-tech fiber and CO2 laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving applications, is proud to announce its New Additive manufacturing Equipment – the 3D Metal Sintering System (3D Metal Printing).  Fonon’s Additive Manufacturing Technologies encompass 3D FUSION TECHNOLOGY or 3D Laser Metal Sintering (Commonly known as 3D Printing) Technologies.

With the addition of the 3D Additive Printer to its focused line of laser printers, Fonon is setting sights on print and produce live weaponry for combat scenarios.  Due to the technologies’ ability to create metal cuts that are impractical to manufacture using traditional machine tools, additive manufacturing offers the fine customization and detail needed to tailor precise weapons to exact missions and targets.

3D printing is nothing new to the military, as it has been working on bio-printed replacement skin for battle wounds — amongst other projects. The military is looking to implement the tech to produce components for the weapons that will both reduce cost and increase customization.

Weaponry could be designed to meet specific mission requirements whether it is to improve safety to meet military safety requirement, meaning: tailored effects, better control, and be scalable to achieve desired lethality.

“One key focus is on the economic side of 3D printing. With additive printers, active troops would receive parts, tools and equipment in the field, without the cost of transport and delivery, allowing them the opportunity to conduct safer, faster, more effective missions,” stated Fonon representative Josh Jones.

3D printing also allows for integrating components together to add capabilities at reduced total life cycle costs. It is expected that 3D printing will reduce life-cycle costs of certain items and make munitions more affordable in the long run through implementation of design for manufacturability.


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Fonon is the industry leader in developing high-tech fiber and CO₂ laser systems for marking, cutting, 3D Printing and 3D engraving and Zero Width Laser Cutting Technologies™ applications. Our systems are used by manufacturers in the semiconductor, flat panel display, automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, electronic and medical industries around the world.

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