The New Titan™ FLS 48 With A Single Pallet Shuttle Table by Fonon

High power TITAN Fiber Laser Cutting system

The Titan™ FLS 48 With A Single Pallet Shuttle Table

Fonon Technologies is the established industrial-grade leader producing Subtractive 3D Cutting, Marking & Engraving Systems and Additive 3D Metal Printing Systems. Our standard family of Fiber Laser cutting machines is built in different sizes, speeds and strengths to meet the unique applications of our customers. For non-standard systems, Fonon Technology’s area of expertise is to drive our laser based systems to the application specific requirements of our customers.

The newest edition to the Fonon product line is the Titan Series Fiber laser Cutting System. They are equipped with a high-power, energy efficient fiber laser and an advanced direct drive motion control platform. Our direct drive motion system is only one example that differentiates our systems from alternate solutions as there is no comparable system in the market.
The Titan family of Cutting Systems has a lighter weight design and the fastest cutting speed on the market. These system offers ultra-low power consumption allowing for the lowest operating costs among all laser types of this system.


• Equipped with the latest in High Power Fiber Laser Technology
• Fiber optic beam delivery system
• CleanCut Technology
• Most advanced PC based CNC control with dual touch-screen user interface and network capabilities

Cleanest Cut in the Industry

Our Cutting Edge Technology eliminates the discoloration caused by conventional laser cutting methods while delivering the lowest heat affected zone (HAZ) available…read more

Simple Beam Delivery

The TITAN Series uses Fiber Optic Beam Delivery, which is a state of the art technology to ensure the most consistent beam path. Conventional methods are…read more

Burn Elimination

CleanCut Technology eliminates burns caused by the laser around corners during cutting…read more

Turbo Piercing

This new Technology guarantees the fastest and most consistent piercing speedsread more

Plasma Shield

Allows for the most precise restriction of Plasma Generation while…read more


Fonon Technologies, is the leading industrial Brand in high-tech laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving and other material processing applications. The TiTAN Series Cutting System was engineered with a user-friendly CNC control interface to ease transition from existing CO2 systems and for manufacturing plants first introducing laser systems into their processes and comprises the following Standard Features:

Diode Pointer
Red aiming beam for visual alignment….read more

Laser Cutting Head
The Titan arrives standard with a top performance laser cutting head for high accuracy and throughput….read more

Optical Cartridge (Non-Contact)
The optical cartridge allows for fast replacement of focal lenses, minimizing service downtime and increasing productivity. more

Control Terminal
The TiTAN Series arrives standard with a PC/NC base control with a conversational graphical screen…read more

Single Pallet Shuttle System (Manual)
The TiTAN Series comes standard with a 4’ x 8’ [1.2m x 2.4m], 5’ x 10’ [1.5m x 3m] or 6.5’ x 13.12’ [2m x 4m] manual single pallet shuttle system…read more

Laser Safety Starter Kit
Includes: Optical cartridge tool change kit, Lens cleaning kit, Protection goggles and Assembly tools…read more

Fonon is a diversified product solutions company providing comprehensive design, manufacturing, and technology services to aerospace, construction, defense, energy, industrial, photonics, and PV solar customers worldwide. For over a quarter century, Fonon has been a technology innovator in equipment, components and Fabrication. The Fonon family of brands has provided services and equipment for numerous corporate, government and private sector clients.


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